Cloud Services

Forrester predicts that cloud computing will comprise 15 percent, or $40 Billion of the technology market spend by 2020. Major cloud technology providers, like Amazon and Google believe that that cloud services could become its biggest business.

Cloud services are doubling their share of Technology spend each year. Traditional concerns with security and regulatory requirements have been replaced with the need to understand and leverage the business value and utility of cloud technologies.

Sendero leverages our select group of partners to provide a broad range of on-demand Scalable and Elastic Cloud services and solutions for our customers. Sendero and our partners have the ability to provide:

  • Hosted Applications-Applications delivered via a hybrid SaaS model
  • Server Capacity On Demand - Secure and Scalable Compute Solutions
  • Cloud based Storage - On Demand Storage Assets
  • Disaster Recovery Solutions - DR assets and business service reserved and standing by to deliver business technology as needed
  • Virtual Desktop Solutions -  Increase protection, reduce support and drive client computing standardization
  • Cloud Hosted Voice - Fully feature-rich highly functional solutions, delivering reliable, redundant and highly available VoIP


What's in it for you?

Sendero Cloud Solutions provide you a better way to buy and manage your technology.

  • Increased Simplicity – We leverage platforms with integration of  the technologies you need coupled with subscription based delivery.
  • Improved Economics – Reduce Total Cost of Ownership via a predictable monthly expense without the need for up-front or ongoing CAPEX driven by continued investment in data center hardware, support and facility costs.
  • Integrated Scalability- Avoid the unpredictable costs associated with continuously upgrading technologies necessary to support your business growth.
  • Enhanced Productivity – Accomplish more with new features and recover time spent maintaining legacy technology.
  • Greater Stability – Services from Sendero and our partners are delivered from diverse technology centers over multiple carriers, ensuring that services are always available.
  • Higher Performance – We guarantee our performance through SLAs aligned with your business requirements.
  • Total Control – We provide control and configuration across all services through advanced management tool sets.
  • Focus on your Core Business – Support the business by outsourcing technologies that enable your business.


What kind of technology can I move to the Cloud?

Sendero partners with world-class data centers built with best-of-breed technologies from Cisco, EMC, VMWare, and Broadsoft, and connected various tier-one carriers. Sendero will help you cloudsource/outsource your various technologies or work with you to augment your existing investment, focusing on only areas of immediate need.

Our cloud-based solutions include: Applications, such as phone and call center services, email, and virtual desktops; Infrastructure, such as networks, switches, routers, virtual servers, and management; and a set of Security services to keep your business and your cloud private.