Enterprise Expense Management

According to the Aberdeen Group, Telecom invoices have error rates of 7-12%. To complicate matters even further, today’s IT environments are complex networks of systems and services. Our Telecommunications Management (TM) solutions give our customers visibility into their IT/Telecom networks.  Thus allowing you to capture, analyze, and control your IT usage and spend and ensure carrier billing accuracy.  Our Telecom Management Solutions include the essential components of IT Service Management (ITSM) and IT Financial Management (ITFM).

IT Service Management Component

Sendero’s Service Management solutions give you the tools you need to track the distribution, configuration, and financial accountability of all your organization’s communication services and assets.  Some of the functions of our TEM Software solution are:

  • Quickly identify the location, configuration, inter-relationships and ownership of all your communication services and as
  • Automatically update your service inventory and related communication assets
  • Gain real time insight and control of your communication infrastructure
  • Automate the provisioning of telephony systems
  • Electronically bond service requests with carrier systems
  • Maintain real time control of your E911 telephone location inventory
  • Provide secure access for users to submit orders and manage their services and assets in real time
  • Manage your service desk operations more efficiently

IT Financial Management Component

Sendero’s Financial Management solutions enable you to organize, visualize, and streamline your IT financial management processes so that you can make informed investment decisions.

  • Track and analyze usage (voice, wireless, data, text) and non-usage (carriers, labor, assets) charges
  • Provide secure insight to help organizations track costs and understand value of services
  • Improve operational control through effective cost accountability
  • Automate cost accountability for all assets, labor and services
  • Streamline your chargeback processes

What’s in it for you?

  • Eliminate manual updates of disparate management systems
  • Establish real time control of your communication services and  costs
  • Automatically allocate expenses to cost centers or individuals
  • Analyze costs and returns on investments across the entire enterprise
  • Improve end-user accountability for service selection and usage
  • Enhance the data security of your networks
  • Deliver better service to your users
  • Support your IT budgets and investment strategy with sound analytics